#Tempis *Deathrun Admin, Murder Admin, Graphic Designer* ##Preferred Aliases Tempis, piss, Obiwan KanBlowMe and if I like you, Broda. ##Information The designer, when graphics is needed, you go to him. He can be found on VHS Deathrun, Murder and Bhop, or the forums showing off his projects. ##The Lifestyle of Tempis Back in the day, when his name was Obiwan KanBlowme, Tempis got Garry's mod in late 2014 because of a funny Seananners video and jumped into prophunt, joining the community known as Xtria. He received a moderator position early 2015 and picked up photoshop March 26th. Progressively he spent hours on end looking at photoshop tutorials, picking up new techniques to improve the designs he made. Broda was born early May after being inspired by a certain Barney Stinson. As the time went by, Broda grabbed more and more moderator positions on Xtria's servers, eventually meeting SuperBobbis(Also known as Tarkus) and befriending him. And to this day, they're still good mates. Soon after being promoted to Deathrun Headmod in Xtria, darkness fell and salt began to cover the lands, thanks to the player KamIsGod, Xtria began to wither, driving away players by the day. Eventually pushing away Broda. Changing his name to Tempis to avoid being recognised as an Xtrian. After going through community after community, Bobbis sent an invite to his Murder server, Inquistional Gaming as an admin, but soon enough, it was merged with Arizard's VHS-7 servers. And Tempis has been with VHS ever since. ##Likes * Graphics * Wub Wub Music * Dank memes ##Dislike * Annoying people * The word bae