#Tarkus *Advisor, All-round cool guy*
##Preferred Aliases Tarkus, Bobbis, SuperBobbis, Boobies, SuperBoobies. ##Information The Big Boss of Murder. You'll most likely see him on Murder or Deathrun, or often helping other Deathrun Neue servers as Arizard's ~~slave~~ associate. ##Habitat Tarkus can be found in South Australia, in some Rural town according to Arizard. Most often seen working in his natural environment or at home breaking random records on Deathrun servers. ##Emergence Tarkus bought Garry's Mod back in late 2012 to early 2013 so he could play with his friends on the Kickass Murder server which is where he fell in love with the Murder gamemode. After a brief stint running around from server to server, he found Game REDACTED Murder. Being the harbinger of death as he is, he killed the server, along with all of REDACTED. Later he found a community called Xtria, a home of what he thought to be a cool community. It turned out to be the most toxic community of gamers ever seen since 10 year olds found Minecraft. He migrated to his friend's community, VHS7, where he became the first (and only staff member) for a while on the Deathrun server. From then on, it was a beautiful relationship. Sometime between Xtria's demise and becoming superadmin of Deathrun, he founded his own Murder server called "Inquisitional Gaming Murder" which was later merged to become "VHS7 Murder, DRIVE ME CLOSER!". And that, my child, is where you come in. ##Likes * Badminton * Gmod * Murder * Taqza