#Taqza *Community Owner*
##Preferred Aliases Taqza, Kaay and Cool White Boy ##Information Self proclaimed 2IC. That one guy that does the things. Also the same guy no one knows exists. If he isn't gunning nerds down in CS:GO, he can be found on the Deathrun server dying to autotraps. ##Habitat Taqza's base of operations is located in Brisbane, QLD. He is usually studying his computer monitor however is also working as a floor sander, maintaining heavy and stable cash flow. ##ARRIVAL Taqza, under the alias of Soulstorm, was introduced to Steam in 2011. He was gifted the Counter-Strike: Source, Counter-Strike: Source Beta and Garry's Mod bundle and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 soon after. Seeing as though he was 13, he was more interested in Call of Duty instead of Garry's Mod. Two years later he would be shown Game[REDACTED] in the back of his Legal Studies class and soon meet the love of his life (also his Facebook father), Arizard. Taqza would rise to Superadmin of Arizard's beloved TTT server in roughly around a month. He would do very amateur graphic designs for the Game[REDACTED] YouTube channel and server loading screens for TTT and DarkRP. Taqza would prove loyal and reliable (cough) staff member for the duration of Game[REDACTED]. After the descent of Game[REDACTED], Taqza, still known as Soulstorm, would change his name to Taqza and leave from Garry's Mod. He would pick up Counter-Strike: Global Offensive but not for long, learning that Arizard had created a neue community, Taqza would once again come to the side of Arizard and offer his help, managing a new TTT server. Although the TTT server was short-lived, he continues to offer his aid. ##Likes * Vaporwave * Arizard * Booty