#Gamefresh *Bunnyhop Server Manager* #Preferred Aliases Gamefresh, Game, 1337, Ryan, Rydawg, Homeslice, and often incorrectly reffered to as the guy who puts the `maps` folder into the `lua` folder. #Information The homeslice bhopper. The speed demon, from ivy, out middle, through our connector. You will find this rare memer in the VHS-7 teamspeak on Bhop and Deathrun. #Habitat A wild Gamefresh can be found in the western suburb of Penrith, NSW. Currently studying strafes and memes for his HSC. He only appears online after 3:30pm on weekdays and unkowns times on weeekends. #Emergence Gamefresh brought Garry's Meme in 2013 and started to learn the ways of the strafe on Euflux deathrun. When the sad day came when Euflux shut down he thought all hopes for his Garry's Mod career was over but he decided to give it one more chance and he joined Game[REDACTED] Deathrun where he met the friendly memer Arizard and his posse of meme junkies. He continued to play until Gameredacted sadly got DDoS'd and taken down by the one and only *Yaw* god of minge. But when the world needed him most, he vanished. A hundred years have passed and Monumental Gaming is nearing victory in the War. My brother and I discovered a new bhopper, a fast strafer named Gamefresh. And although his strafes were fast, he has a lot to learn before he's ready to save anyone. But I believe Gamefresh can save the world from Monumental Gaming's shit memes. #Likes * Fast Strafes * Memes * Zen Scarcrow * Cats