#Fich ##Preferred Aliases Fich, Flick often mistaken as Fish or Bitch. ##Information Can be the Hot Rod at being Mod. Countless hours of experience in handling those kids that hang out in Maccas car parks, sitting in their Nissan Skylines all night. You can find her on the Deathrun server, or Penrith Krispy Kreme. ##Habitat Life is tough but the kids from Campbelltown are tougher. That's why she carries around her Karambit Slaughter Fac New, warding off all the Nautica and Adidas supporting, steroid munching teens. Only peace of mind she gets is dropping by the world famous King Kebab House, chomping down on some Halal Snack Packs. ##Emergence Caught up in TTT until Deathrun stole the scene. Don't ask me I'm just a girl. ##Likes * Halal Snack Packs * Baked Beans and Spaghettios (Yes at the same time). * A slightly cooler than room temperature VB. ##Dislikes * The word Tilted. * Trash talk of Astralis and the Doggies. * http://pilerats.com/news/meet-the-halal-snack-pack-appreciation-society-hspas/