#Arizard *Community Owner, Developer*
##Preferred Aliases Arizard, Ari, Arie, and often incorrectly referred to as Ariz. ##Information The big boss. The man up top. He's the lynchpin of this operation. The real McCoy. You'll often find him on the forums or AFK on the Deathrun server, or else he's on his local server writing some juicy lua. ##Habitat Arizard can be found in Sydney, NSW. He's currently studying Engineering at university, and majoring in Telecommunications. His most active times are weeknights around 9pm and afternoons - evenings on weekends. ##Emergence Arizard first bought Garry's Mod in 2010 and proceeded to spend approximately 1000 hours mucking around on the TacoNation Sandbox server with TerraDestroy, becoming familiar with E2 and Wiremod as well as various other useful construction tools. Arizard left Garry's Mod in late 2011 and spent some time managing, staffing and AFKing on minecraft survival servers. Arizard returned to the Garry's Mod scene in 2013 as part of Game[REDACTED]. The community began as a single TTT server, but as Arizard's programming skills developed, they expanded into Murder, Deathrun, Bhop and DarkRP, until Game[REDACTED]'s ultimate extinction in mid-2015. After spending his spare time creating and maintaining the Deathrun Neue gamemode, Arizard began to host a development server under the brand of VHS-7 in order to playtest his gamemode and experiment with new features. Since teaming up with (most notably) Tarkus, Taqza and Gamefresh, VHS-7 has expanded into Murder and Bunnyhop, with a small unsuccessful stint in the TTT scene. The foundation of VHS-7 has given Arizard valuable input on his Deathrun Neue gamemode to make it what it is today. ##Likes * Vaporwave * Taqza