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#Full Deathrun Rule List *Arie Oldman / 21-01-2016* We strive to make punishments just and fair. Punishments are at the discretion of the staff member involved. If you feel you have been unjustly punished, post it to the forums or contact Arizard or Superb. These rules are intended as a reference - you are not expected to have read them, however you will be punished regardless. ##Camping * Telecamping/Doorcamping (camping outside a teleporter or a doorway) is not allowed - 2 strikes and you will be banned temporarily ##Chat and Voice rules * Do not use Voice to harass other players. * Do not use Chat to harass other players. * Do not post NSFW links into the chat, do not PM them to players without their consent. * Do not use Voice to tell other players to visit NSFW websites. * Do not spam the chat or spam PMs. * If your voice is hurting the ears of other players, you may be gagged. * If you play music over the microphone, you may be gagged. * Some level of dark humour is OK, but try not to be offensive, rude, or just tactless towards other players. ##Command Abuse * Do not abuse the /stuck command to exploit the map to get weapons/end zone/ etc. ##Player Abuse * Do not harass other players. If they ask you to stop, then stop. * If you feel that you are being repeatedly harassed, contact a staff member and trust in them to deal with the situation. We do not recommend handling the situation yourself. ##Exploits * Map exploits and map glitches are prohibited. * Store/Gamemode exploits and glitches are prohibited and should be reported directly to Arizard ASAP. ##Hacks/Cheats (Software) * Hacks and cheats of any kind are banned under all circumstances. This includes Lua hacks as well as injectors. * Cheats include, but are not limited to, Wallhack, Aimbot, ESP, Speedhack, Autostrafe and mouse/keyboard macros. ##Ghosting * Metagaming and Ghosting is not allowed. We want dead players to be able to communicate, but we don't want players ruining the game for others. ##Targeting * Targeting is allowed - if the deaths let certain players through traps, then it's their loss. ##Freerunning * Freerunning is no longer allowed. Do not freerun. * Staff may tell you not to freerun. Do as they say. ##Button Spam * Button spamming is not allowed - You will be punished if a staff member believes you are purposely spamming buttons to skip your Death turn. ##Store Spam * Do not spam other players with items to fill their inventory - you will be punished for this. * We recommend that you do not hoard all the units for a single item, especially if you are a VIP with unlimited inventory space - unless you plan to sell the units off to other players. * Staff may ask you to remove some hats/trails/playermodels if they impact the FPS of other players too heavily. ##Sprays * Do not use pornographic, graphic, or shocking imagery in sprays. Dark humour, memes and political in-correctness is encouraged. * Using sprays to mark out trap areas is allowed. ##Time Farming * Time farming (i.e. idling) to get your hours up is not allowed. You will be punished for time farming.