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Staff application - Nozie amv - 05-10-2017

Preferred Alias: Nozie.amv

Hours Played: 4 days, 6hrs and 5 minutes

Age: 14

Tell us about yourself: My name is Nathan and i live in NSW, Australia. My hobbies are gaming, editing and basketball. I luv eating KFC and noodles. My dream job is being an NBA player, KFC worker and a youtuber. i edit amv's (anime music video's, i know im a weeb) on my youtube channel which is called nozie amv.

Tell us why you would make a good addition to our staff team: yes i did had the power of being Moderator and i know some of the cmds such as slay, gag, mute, kick, votegag, votemute and ect. I would be active on discord and the server. yes i can get a bit goofy but dats okay i guess.

thx for reading this sister Smile

RE: Staff application - Juicy - 05-10-2017

+1 nozie deservs it very active with the community and super nice he would make a freat mod

RE: Staff application - Elementiial - 05-10-2017

+1 i think nozie deserves mod, he has mod experience and is familiar with the community on VHS7's deathrun server Smile

RE: Staff application - Suicide Christ - 06-10-2017

I haven't played enough to judge how you behave when it comes to different situations but you seem to be a nice player and you're friendly to other players, however, I'm not +1'ing nor am I -1'ing but I do think you could have potential. Good luck, buddy

RE: Staff application - Josh - 07-10-2017

+1 nozie is pretty awesome and needs mod to slap tarkus so he doesnt beat his records

RE: Staff application - Nextdoorsgamer - 09-10-2017

+1 i like KFC and noodles as well (anyway i haven't known him for long he seems like a pretty cool guy that deserves mod)

RE: Staff application - Arizard - 15-10-2017

I'd like to offer you moderator. I'll close this thread, let me know when you're online.