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Juicys mod app 2 (idk if this is allowed) - Juicy - 03-10-2017

Title: juicys second  Moderator Application

Preferred Alias: Juicy

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:84711118

Hours Played: 1 day 16 hours

Age: 16

Tell us about yourself: My name is jake i have a lot of time on my hands and im from QLD Death run is my main Garry mod game and i absolutely <3 trying to get neue records if im not playing video games then im playing rugby i go to high school and i get home from school around 4 pm stay up as late as i need to Smile 

Tell us why you would make a good addition to our staff team: i think i would make a good addition to the staff team because i <3 helping others and i have had quite a bit of experience i think i get along with the servers community rather well and i like to see people happy i have been a co-owner on a server called phantom gaming the owner is called phan and phantom jugg but he changed to dark rp then shut everything down, i have been a trial mod on howzys server but he says it got hacked and it is now a dark rp server and last but not least i have been a mod on dotplots first server and he is currently making a neue one but i dont really want to join it i know most if not all the commands as well.

other info: i think the server is great and id really like to connect with the community more i know i mucked up once but plz give me a second chance thxs for reading and have a good night or morning Smile 

RE: Juicys mod app 2 (idk if this is allowed) - Arizard - 03-10-2017

I already don't trust you because you flat out lied on your first application, I'm declining you. Please don't post another application until you think you've earned back the trust of this community.