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Sever kicking people - DoorZone - 03-07-2017

Hey, long time no talk
so i whet to play on the murder sever like old times
and around 5 people where on
they keepĀ getting kicked by the anicheatĀ 
when i asked one of them why
he just said that the sever is not working and everyone is getting kicked
then i was kicked not long
i looked in my console and there was not a message about anything
i reconnect and then i was kicked again but this time with a message
anywho, i dont know if you know this already or not but just a heads up Smile
i may come around again one day. Heart

RE: Sever kicking people - Tarkus - 05-07-2017

I've just had a look at it, and for some reason the game was kicking people for "anti-cheat timeout" when it shouldn't have been. I've set it so that the server registers it, but doesn't kick anymore.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention.