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Banned from vhs7 some time ago. - rune wizard - 02-06-2017

Hi, use to play heaps of deathrun especially on vhs-7, i think the only reason i had come onto gmod was to play vhs.
Anyway i had gotten banned last year sometime in 2016 for probaby either afking crates or mic spamming a little too much, i had played
plenty of vhs-7 to get some wicked drops like a chair and what not. This really just says why even more i want to come back not only because 
deathrun is wicked and fun but because i had some pretty awesome cosmetics and fun times with friends.

Of course if do get unbanned i do appreciate it and you can expect no more mic spam or afking, haha don't know why i had done it if had a chair to begin with.
But seriously me and my mates used to pay vhs-7 every night if we had the chance and now i want to get back into it, so it would be awesome if the appeal is taken

Additional notes: I had switched accounts to avoid my ban, in this case i wasn't going to speak if i wanted to get banned otherwise admins, mods etc would of banned me
( which they did eventually ) but i was staying quiet and keeping my cool. But i got called out after them hearing my voice followed by the biased argument of 12 year olds then
of course a ban.

Which is why in the first place i was banned, because i was telling some 12 year olds to shut the fuck up because of them being so god damn loud. Anyway i copd a ban regardless of
it being admin abuse, i was asking for it if i had switched accounts anyway, stupid.

My reason exactly why i had came to this board to appeal and what not, i dont want to be banned on such stupid terms. and plus its been a long time since then, just want to
enjoy some good ol fashion death run.

- rune wizard

If you want my steam profile, i have recently commented on the steam group.

RE: Banned, and i want to come back to vhs-7. - Phoo - 03-06-2017

what a friendly sounding fella

RE: Banned, and i want to come back to vhs-7. - rune wizard - 03-06-2017

Cheers mate, just waiting for the owner or admin to get back to me ai.