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Mod Application - jonotheman - 29-05-2017

Age 17 
Nationality: neue Zealander 
Gamer? : Yes love gaming especially Gmod, and laptop games.

Why should you be a Mod? : I think i would make a good mod as i have lots of experience as a gmod player and have 23 hours of game time making me a really experienced player. I am easy to communicate as being a neue Zealander means that i am only 2 hours ahead of you so i can be in touch with you if it comes to that. I have a discord so if we are wanting a group discussion or something i am happy to contribute my opinions to the group and help make the server better. I consider myself responsible and respectful as i follow the rules and play fairly so that  i am making everyone happy, not just myself. I have Facebook, twitter, all gaming resources so if you are wanting more details just  leave a comment and i will  reply as  soon as possible. I think that the servers that VHS host are amazing and are fun, easy and appropriate for all ages as everyone is there to have a good time. I would love a leadership role as i am a dedicated player and every time i am on the server i draw more people onto the server which of course is making you money Smile
Hope you can review my application and i am honored to have the opportunity to apply for this role. 
Thanks for your time. 
e.g: jonotheman ( Gamer Tag)
STEAM ID :76561198127542673

RE: Mod Application - progamergirl - 29-05-2017

Wow what a nice application, I hope you get the role