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CorruptCode's Trial Moderator Application - CorruptCode - 23-05-2017

Preferred Alias: CorruptCode

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:159935579

Hours Played: 19 Hrs

Age: 14

Tell us about yourself: My name is CorruptCode and I really enjoy Garry's Mod. I am an experienced player but not the best with bhop. I am trying to work my way up with my bhopping skills. I also am a Garry's Mod Developer and a basic Web Developer. I am active most days

Tell us why you would make a good addition to our staff team: I have run multiple servers by myself (meaning I know that I have to be dedicated and loyal to the server) , I have been staff on countless servers and I have been a reliable person alway. I am trustworthy, reliable, active, loyal and easy to talk to. I have had so much staff experience and I know how to deal with hackers, minges, exploiters etc. I know what I am doing and confident I won't get it wrong. I am easy to get communication with as I have Discord (I use it not that much unless asked upon for a good reason) and I mainly text over steam. You can contact me when I am in any Garry's mod game and when I am online if I am needed badly otherwise I am offline or working on school work. I am mature and will be glad to fill in for the other moderators ect. I will also give my opinion on how to improve the server and how to stop exploits.

Thanks For your time


RE: CorruptCode's Trial Moderator Application - Arizard - 28-05-2017

This was a good application, +1