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staff apliction - DANK pupytron29 - 28-04-2017

james: puppytron29


play time: 2 days 22 hours and  35 minutes

about me:i live in tauranga neue zealand  and mainly spend a lot of time doing sports or playing  garrys mod and all of its wacky gamemodes.  and i like to be responsible.  Smile 

why i would be good part of your staff: i like to respect the rules but ill break them if i have 2.

ive only had one speicel postion on a garrys mod server on a sandbox gamemode but i got premoted to superadim from my abillits to tell the truth. although i dont have a mike {i use to} i can still be a worthy aponent 

{a very late april fools} but i still want to be a moderator Heart Heart 

RE: staff apliction - Josh - 29-04-2017

I suggest making a proper application if you want anyone to take you seriously.

RE: staff apliction - Phoo - 01-05-2017

you need to do some look cover write check man

RE: staff apliction - Tarkus - 05-05-2017

Look say cover write check*

You aren't some weird Victorian, you can say it properly.

RE: staff apliction - Phoo - 06-05-2017

bruh i just fucking went look write
fuck the system
power to the people