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Sneak.i's Mod APP - Sneak.i - 20-04-2017

Title: Sneak.i's Mod APP

Preferred Alias: Sneak/Sneaky

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:79261493

Hours Played: 15

Age: 13
Tell us about yourself: im Sneak.i im a Girl i like gaming i have heaps of experience of moderation I've been mod on 2 severs and admin on a other sever i have all consoles Ps4, Xboxone, WiiU. I also have alot of experience with ULX. 

Tell us why you would make a good addition to our staff team: cause the staff on murder don't really play some do but most of the time they don't. I want to make the sever a better enyironment for other gamer's they deserve not to be in a sever that has rdmers, Hackers, And spammers.

Big Grin

RE: Sneak.i's Mod APP - Sneak.i - 22-04-2017


RE: Sneak.i's Mod APP - Leman - 23-04-2017

bro you map abuse so much....

RE: Sneak.i's Mod APP - Suicide Christ - 27-04-2017

holy fuck look at that signature

RE: Sneak.i's Mod APP - Phoo - 01-05-2017

yo that signature is autismo as fucko