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#We have a new donation gateway! [Please, click here](http://vhs7.tv/prometheus) to visit our new website. The new website still lets you support the server with a VIP rank, and brings new features such as purchasing crates while they're out of stock!
#Donate to Deathrun *Arie Oldman / 20-01-2016* ![](http://vhs7.tv/share/vhs7bannerdeathrun.jpg) ###What do I get? We're thrilled that you'd like to support our Deathrun server. Here's what we'll give you in return: * Server VIP rank, which includes the following rewards * Exclusive particle effects * Exclusive Text Hat with custom fonts, colours, and effects * Double chances of finding crates (Triple with the VHS7 tag!) * Double rate of earning VC (Triple with the VHS7 tag!) * Star icon on the scoreboard to let everyone know you're special :) * Unlimited inventory space * Rainbow chat names * Rainbow voice chat box * Unlimited talk time ###How much? The minimum donation amount is *$5.00 AUD*, and the VIP rank lasts for a lifetime. No subscriptions, no repayments. You can also purchase the VIP package for other players, or specify a custom amount greater than *$5.00 AUD*. ###Ok, I'm ready. How do I donate? 1. [View the Deathrun Neue packages here](http://vhs7.tv/prometheus/store.php?page=packages&id=1) and follow the prompts! (Requires Paypal and a Steam Account)
#Fine Print ###What's the catch? No catches - if you've donated the base amount, the players you choose to receive the VIP rank will remain with that rank for the server's lifetime. VHS-7 still reserves the right to kick, slay or ban players for bad behaviour, regardless of their VIP status - however we will strive to keep our administration standards high and our punishments fair and just. VHS-7 will revoke VIP status from players who have charged back on their donation. *Chargebacks may be followed by a permanent ban from the VHS-7 network.*