#About Us ##Origins VHS-7 is a Sydney based gaming community founded by Arizard in late 2015, starting out as a demonstration server for his gamemode Deathrun Neue. Much to his surprise, the enterprise flourished into a community due to the efforts and persistence of his associate Tarkus. Arizard launched a website and a forum, followed by adventures into TTT, Murder, Surf and Bunnyhop. The community garnered the interest of past members of GameRedacted, Xtria and Euflux, however for the vast majority of members, VHS-7 is their first gaming community. ##Addons Much of the software running on our servers is in-house: RedactedHub, Deathrun Neue and AriTime, among many more smaller scripts. In late 2016, VHS-7 explored different ways of curating the server experience. The VHS-7 Prometheus gateway was launched to handle fundraising and donations towards the community, and third-party scripts such as Beast's Clean Mapvote were installed to handle Deathrun Neue's lack of graphical mapvote features. ##Atmosphere Today, the VHS-7 staff strive to curate an exciting, chilled and unique gameplay experience across all servers. Our goal for this year is to make a positive impact on the Australian server list and provide a fair and unique choice for players. We want to make our community stand out from the rest, so that our members can be proud to call VHS-7 their home. ![endmark](http://vhs7.tv/favicon_stuff/favicon-16x16.png)
#Contact * [Arizard's Steam](http://steamcommunity.com/id/arizard) * [Arizard's Github](http://github.com/Arizard)