#Who are we? We are an Australian gaming community based on the east coast, founded in 2016. We provide a unique and exciting gameplay experience for all our players. We do right by the players in all aspects - features, administration and community. We make sure our players know they matter. ![endmark](http://vhs7.tv/favicon_stuff/favicon-16x16.png)
#A New Way To Support The Community *Arizard / 17-12-2016* ##Things You Can Do Now Use the coupon code **VAPOR25** to get 25% off Crate purchases! Support the community by purchasing ingame items, such as: * Buy VIP and have it applied within 2 minutes (automated system) * Buy Sci Fi crates and Summer Lovin' crates when there is no stock * Buy these things for other people
Click here for the new Donation Gateway
##The Brief This week brings along a new way to support VHS-7. Recently, we have implemented a concrete savings plan for community funds with a VHS-7 treasury account acting as a reserve. We've removed the old donation link to the Streamline public pay, and launched our new Prometheus donation gateway on our Deathrun Neue server as a pilot program. You can now purchase VIP as well as various ingame items to support the community and keep the servers alive, and the entire thing is automated and requires no waiting period, no staff contact, and privileges are applied within 2 minutes of purchase confirmation. ##How are the funds used? VHS-7 funds are spent as follows: * $120.00/mth - Server hosting fees * $30.00/yr - domain and webhosting fees * $5.00/mth - misc. fees such as external SQL databases * $undef/mth - Scriptfodder purchases and upgrades We like to provide enough transparency for our players so that they know how their purchases are used to support our community. Feel free to make a forum post to discuss anything you want about this update, and let us know what you think! *Kind regards,* *Arizard*
#Introducing the Heist Crate *Arizard / 01-10-2016* I'd like to extend a warm welcome to the newest member of the VHS-7 Server Hub Family: The Heist Crate! One crate contains one of eight PAYDAY 2 masks, and can be found inside the Developer Crate. Start opening those old, unloved developer crates for your chance to find one of the new masks! Hurry, though, Halloween is less than a month away!
#Deathrun Records Have Been Reset *Taqza / 1st May 2016* ![](http://vhs7.tv/share/EXCEL_2016-05-01_15-04-51.png) Have you ever fallen short of beating a record on a map and wondered how you could be that person? One of those people other players strive to try beat their record? I have news for you!

"I may have reset the database but Krystal is still my databae" - Arizard

Today Arizard wiped the database for Deathrun, meaning that the records for all maps have been reset. The database was reset due to a number of variables being changed after records had been set on countless maps. One of these variables includes the prep time for maps, which previously allowed players to gain an abnormal amount of speed before beginning a map and getting very short finish times. This now means that everyone is on a level playing field. Are you ready? Join Deathrun now and set those records! If you would like access to an archive of the previous records, you can download [this excel spreadsheet](http://vhs7.tv/share/sv-2016-05-01%20analysis.xlsx).